The Office of the Westchester County Clerk accepts UCC's via E-Filing through the PREP System. Our standalone UCC E-Filing system has now been integrated into PREP to include the advantages built into PREP and to provide uniformity with existing land records E-Recording in PREP.  Some of the advantages of E-Filing UCC’s in PREP include:

  • Enter your submitter contact information only once when you set up your account and not with each filing
  • Track and view your document after submission
  • Submit as many UCC’s and UCC3’s as you like in a single transaction
  • Utilize the simplified payment process
  • Choose whether to scan your UCC and upload it, or fill in the UCC in the PREP System, eliminating paper completely

The system exactly replicates the standard UCC forms and is just as easy as filing a paper UCC, or you can scan your paper UCC and upload it, without having to deliver the physical copy to this office.  When you fill in the UCC within PREP, the system is able to recognize many mistakes and omissions in the filings.  The number of rejected filings is reduced by alerting the user of problems and preventing the submission of deficient documents until recognized errors are corrected.  Additionally, New York State statute requires us to charge a reduced processing fee of $20 for UCC's submitted without a co-op addendum, instead of the $40 statutory fee for paper filed UCC's.

You may acquaint yourself with the E-Filing of UCC’s through PREP by reading through the PREP UCC Filing User Manual, which can also be found from within PREP by clicking Help in the upper right hand corner of any screen within the system to open the main PREP manual and then clicking the link at the top of the first page to view the UCC specific manual.

Questions?  Call us at (914) 995-3098 or e-mail .