If the conviction occurred in the Westchester County Court, you may come into the Westchester County Clerk’s Office personally or you can submit a request via mail. If you are submitting a request through the mail, please provide the name of the Defendant and the approximate date the action took place. The fee for a certified copy of the Sentence & Commitment (“Certificate of Disposition”) is $5.00. If you are submitting your request by mail, please include a check or money order payable to the “Westchester County Clerk”. An additional $5.00 search fee will apply if you do not know the Indictment Number and are submitting the request by mail.

Please note that some criminal records are sealed by the New York State Criminal Procedure Law, Civil Rights Law, or any other applicable statutes and access may be limited or denied.

Please mail requests to:

Office of the Westchester County Clerk
Legal Division, Room 330
110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
White Plains, New York 10601

You may also contact the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services for information on obtaining a criminal history record (“RAP sheet”).

Questions? Call us at (914) 995-3070 or email .