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Westchester County Clerk’s Office is currently Open and taking Appointments

Court Filings and Land Records and other matters Accepted Electronically or by USPS, UPS, or FedEx, or documents may be delivered to the County Clerk Dropbox in the lobby of the courthouse
Naturalizations remain on hold

Notary Public is a state-appointed official who administers oaths and serves as an impartial witness when important documents are signed.  A notary public most commonly administers oaths and affirmations, takes affidavits, and receives and certifies acknowledgements or proof of written instruments such as deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney.  The term of a Notary Public is four years.

Becoming A Notary

While the Office of the Westchester County Clerk maintains records of all notaries public commissioned in Westchester County, we do not administer the application/examination process.  Instead, you must apply to the New York State Department of State.

Renewing Your Notary Public Commission

The term of a notary public expires after four years. A renewal application is mailed to the notary approximately three months prior to the expiration of his or her commission.

Checking the Status of a Notary License

In order to check on the status of a notary public license, please visit the New York State Department of State website where you will be able to perform a search for Licensees and Registrants.  Please be advised that it can take up to four months to receive a Notary Public identification card from the Department of State. The quickest way to confirm that your renewal has been processed by our office is to include a self addressed, stamped envelope with your renewal form so that a receipt will promptly be mailed to you.

Notary Public Testing Schedule and Booklet

The Notary Public Exam is a walk-in examination given regularly throughout New York State and based upon the information in the most recent Notary Public License Law Booklet, which can be downloaded or picked up from our office free of charge.

Notary FAQs

How much can a Notary Public charge? Can I act as a Notary Public in another county?  Read the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions and more.

Authentication and Apostilles

If you need an authentication of a notary public who is qualified or certified in Westchester County, you must bring in the document with the original notary stamp and signature on it (copies cannot be authenticated).


Visiting Our Office?

Enter through the courthouse and proceed to the third floor.

Richard J. Daronco Courthouse
111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
White Plains, NY 10601

9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
By Appointment

Closed on official holidays.

Upcoming Events

Monday, July 5

Independence Day

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Office will reopen on Tuesday, July 6th at 9am