Satisfactions of Mortgage should be recorded in the Office of the County Clerk of the county in which the mortgage has been recorded.  When recording a Satisfaction/Discharge/ Release of Mortgage, it is the responsibility of the last holder of the mortgage on record to execute a Satisfaction/Discharge/Release of Mortgage document and to ensure that the document meets all of the legal requirements for recording.

Recording a Satisfaction
In order to record a Satisfaction in the Office of the Westchester County Clerk, the satisfaction must be accompanied by:

  1. A Recording and Endorsement Cover Page created on the PREP System; and
  2. A Payment Cover Page created on the PREP System and the proper recording fees.

The fee to record a one page Satisfaction/Discharge/Release of Mortgage with no assignments is $50.50.  If your Satisfaction/Discharge/Release of Mortgage is more than one page or references assignments, please calculate the filing fee as follows:

Mortgage FilingFees
Statutory charge: $45.00
Each written side of page: $5.00 per page
Cross reference to mortgage being satisfied: $0.50 each
For each agreement connected to the mortgage(s) being satisfied: $0.50 each
For each mortgage after the first being satisfied by this instrument: $50.50 each
Per mortgage recited within the agreements connected to the mortgage(s) being satisfied: $0.50 each

Note that each mortgage (recited in satisfaction instrument) affected by any one of the above cross reference-type instruments constitutes one cross reference e.g., if three (3) mortgages (recited in satisfaction instrument) have been assigned by one instrument, then three (3) cross references will be charged for. Example satisfaction with references.

Returning your Satisfaction of Mortgage
Once the Satisfaction has been accepted for recording, it is digitally scanned for easy retrieval and to safeguard the document.  After scanning and digitally archiving the satisfaction, the original will be returned to the address that appears in the Record and Return Box on the cover page.

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