As of Monday, Sept. 24, 2012, the Office of the Westchester County Clerk accepts all land records documents electronically. Documents can be submitted directly to our office by using the PREP System or via the portal of key national electronic recording facilitators. Get ready for eRecording by taking the following steps:

Get ready to scan
You will need to be able to scan your land records to create either a PDF or TIF file. The scanned image of your submission must be clear and legible. You may wish to purchase or update a scanner to support you when you start electronically recording.

Complete and submit a Registered Submitter Agreement
New York State standards require each submitter to register with each separate recording office in order to participate in electronic recording. To eRecord in Westchester County, please complete the Westchester County Registered Submitter Agreement and submit it as indicated in the instructions. It will take approximately one week to process your application, after which your PREP User ID will be enabled so that you can upload images of your submissions through the PREP System.

Set up a pre-authorized debit account
Electronic delivery requires electronic payment. Westchester County will require customers wishing to deliver documents electronically to pay via pre-authorized debit account. If you do not have a pre-authorized debit account, apply now as these accounts take approximately a week to establish and test. In addition, you can begin to use your pre-authorized debit account to pay for hard copy submissions so that you can become familiar with this payment process.

Requirements for electronic submission
Pursuant to 9 NYCRR §540.7(i)(4) of the standards and paragraph 8 of the Westchester County Registered Submitter Agreement, requirements for electronic submission are being posted to our website. View our current list of Documents Accepted, our Indexing Requirements, and Image Specifications, File Format Specifications and Security Requirements.

Review the eRecording standards
As of Wednesday, Sept.19, 2012, the standards governing electronic recording have been enacted and published in the State Register. The standards can be found at the New York State Office for Technology, which served as facilitator during the standards-setting process.

Check back for updates
Updates and key information will be posted on this webpage so please check back periodically.