Drop Box Service
The Westchester County Clerk’s Office maintains a Dropbox for the delivery of hardcopy documents to the Clerk’s Office, which is checked several times throughout the business day. It is located in the lobby of the Courthouse at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in White Plains.

Welcome to the Legal Division of the Office of the Westchester County Clerk. The Westchester County Clerk serves as the Clerk for the Supreme and County Courts. All records for these courts are filed with the Legal Division. This division is also responsible for non-court related legal functions such as registering a business, filing a lien, Notary Public commission information, registering a domestic partnership, filing veterans' military discharge papers, and accepting Small Claims Assessment Review petitions. The public can visit the Legal Division to look up legal records, judgments, liens, lis pendens, and business records.

Read below to learn about the services of our Legal Division, and click the links for additional information about each of the services.

  • Search Court Records
    All legal records filed in our office are available to the public for inspection unless sealed pursuant to New York State Law or Court Order.  Records can be searched in our office, ordered from our office, requested by mail or searched online using Westchester Records Online.
  • Judgments and Liens
    As required by New York State Law, judgments and liens are permanent records accessible by the public.  Each judgment or lien entry will contain information about the original filing as well as any subsequent filings such as satisfactions and renewals.  Monetary judgments, mechanic's liens, broker's liens and notices of pendency can be searched in our White Plains office or at Westchester Records Online.
  • E-Filing in Westchester
    E-Filing enables attorneys and parties to file court documents from the convenience of their office or from any place with an internet connection at any time of day or night, every day of the year.  There is no cost to use the NYSCEF system, although filing fees must be paid.
  • Legal Forms
    Forms available from this office and other agencies.
  • Legal Fees
  • Starting a Business
    Pursuant to Section 130 of the New York State General Business Law, if you are conducting any business in the County of Westchester under a name other than your own, and are not a corporation, limited partnership or limited liability company, you must file a Business Certificate indicating your Westchester County address in our office.
  • Notary Public Services
    A Notary Public is a state-appointed official who administers oaths and serves as an impartial witness when important documents are signed.
  • SCAR Petitions
    SCAR stands for "Small Claims Assessment Review" and refers to the process which allows owner-occupants of residential property to file a court case to challenge a tax assessment.
  • Domestic Partnership
    Registering a Domestic Partnership may allow you and your partner to qualify for family discounts, employee benefits, health benefits, and may open the door to legal benefits previously difficult or impossible to obtain for unmarried couples in close, committed relationships.
  • Divorce Decrees
    In order to obtain a copy of a divorce decree, you may come in person to the Office of the Westchester County Clerk, Legal Division with proper identification such as a valid driver's license or passport. You must be a party to the action or the attorney of record in order to access a divorce file.
  • Criminal Dispositions
    If the conviction took place in Westchester County Court, you can obtain a copy of the criminal disposition by coming in person or you can submit a request by mail.
  • Foreclosures
    The filing of a foreclosure action is the first step of a process that may result in the loss of a home or building. County Clerk Idoni urges Westchester residents who may be at risk of having their properties foreclosed to seek counseling from a reputable counseling agency. Weekly foreclosure reports are available.
  • Helpful Links
    Links to additional resources