September 24, 2012

First electronic deed recording in New York State accepted by Westchester County Clerk


WHITE PLAINS, NY: Since 1684 land records have arrived in paper form in the Westchester County Clerk’s Office. On Monday September 24, 2012 the office welcomed a new way of doing business and became the first recording office in New York State to record a document submitted electronically.   “Until today the process of recording land records such as deeds and mortgages was the same across New York State,” began Westchester County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni.  “Original paper documents were delivered by hand, mail or courier service to offices such as ours.”  These papers were reviewed and index information was entered into paper or electronic index books.  Original paper documents were then returned, most commonly by regular mail, to the submitter.


Now, Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni and his colleague Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato are the first to accept land records such as deeds and mortgages electronically.  Instead of delivering paper documents, the paper is converted to an electronic image and sent electronically to the office.   Land records could not previously be electronically submitted due to a specific prohibition in the New York State Technology Law which was lifted this week, as a result of legislation enacted last year.


“Electronic recording is a win/win situation as it benefits both our customers and Westchester taxpayers,” continued County Clerk Idoni.  Electronic recording will shorten recording times from days to hours.  Errors can be corrected more quickly as the document can be returned and resubmitted electronically, often in the course of the same day.  Document control is improved as original documents are retained by the submitter and cannot be lost or misplaced during transit to and from a recording office.  Customers eliminate the cost of postage, overnight mail or courier charges.  The County Clerk’s Office eliminates the cost of mailing back rejected and recorded documents, as well as the costs associated with scanning documents.

Clerk Idoni with Land Records staff member

County Clerk staffers will support the transition to electronic recording by providing free training classes and answer questions on their help line (914)-995-3111.  To learn more about electronic recording or to enroll in a class, visit


The Office of the Westchester County Clerk is located at 110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in White Plains and is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. weekdays, exclusive of holidays.  For additional information about the office, please visit, call (914)995-3080 or email .