Hiring a Plumber or an Electrician? Strikes Gold in Issue Awareness Category

April 16, 2008:  Lights! Camera! Action!  An informational video from the Office of the Westchester Clerk recently received a Gold Award in a premiere international and independent film and video competition.   The Aurora Awards, which targets regional, local and special interest products, programs and commercials recognized Hiring a Plumber or an Electrician? for its outstanding video use of graphics and production.  The video, which offers step by step tips for county residents about hiring a licensed plumber or an electrician, was produced by the County Clerk’s Office with the assistance of the White Plains TV Cable Access Commission and the cooperation from both the Westchester County Electrical and the Plumbing Boards.

County Clerk Timothy Idoni, was pleased to learn that his office received this important award and remarked, “It is the goal of my office to put the needs of Westchester residents first by providing information on ways that we can be helpful through outreach methods such as videos like this one,” Idoni stated. But more importantly, he stressed the purpose of creating this video was to protect residents by making them aware that the plumber or electrician they hire to do work in their home must be licensed in this county. “My office, which provides the exams and licenses, can assist residents in obtaining this information,” said Idoni.  “I commend my staff, the members of the Westchester Plumbing and Electrical Boards, and the White Plains TV Cable Access Commission for their outstanding work on creating this award winning video,” County Clerk Idoni said.

The production of the videos was paid for entirely by a New York State Community Project Grant, which has funded community outreach and public education efforts of the Office of the Westchester County Clerk.

This video and one about applying for a U.S. Passport can be viewed anytime day or night, on the Westchester County Clerk website at http://www.westchesterclerk.com.   Stay tuned for a new video entitled, Just Ask, which answers commonly asked questions about the County Clerk’s Office, to be added to the rotation in the coming weeks.