County Clerk Idoni simplifies tax case filings in partnership with the Courts

April 9, 2008: The Office of the Westchester County Clerk handles over four million pieces of paper each year.  County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni has embarked on a series of e-filing initiatives intended to vastly reduce that number, saving time and tax dollars for county residents.  The first initiative is e-filing of tax certiorari cases.

It’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s paperless and it’s available in Westchester County.  Now all Westchester County Supreme Court tax certiorari cases may be commenced electronically through the Unified Court System’s e-filing program.  E-filing allows attorneys to electronically transmit, serve, file, retrieve and receive electronic notification of court filings.  In addition, it allows Judges and court clerks to receive and access files electronically.

This voluntary program results from a partnership between Westchester County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni and Administrative Judge Francis A. Nicolai.  “Westchester County has historically been a governmental leader in the area of technology and in that spirit my office has committed itself to providing the staff, equipment and technological support to successfully launch e-filing in this county,” stated Westchester County Clerk Idoni, who acknowledged key support from Westchester County’s Department of Information Technology in this project.

What does e-filing mean for tax certiorari attorneys?  Documents can now be filed at any hour of the day from any location, court fees can be paid online by credit card, and the entire case file can be easily accessed online reducing the need to transport voluminous files between or from offices.  There are no additional fees charged in connection with e-filed cases. 

To access the Unified Court System’s e-filing website, go to  Click on “E-Courts” and then “Electronic Filing” or visit  The Legal Division of the Office of the Westchester County Clerk is located at 110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in White Plains and is open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays.  For more information on our Legal Division, please call 995-3070 or visit our website.