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Westchester County Clerk’s Office is currently Open and taking Appointments

Court Filings and Land Records and other matters Accepted Electronically or by USPS, UPS, or FedEx, or documents may be delivered to the County Clerk Dropbox in the lobby of the courthouse
Naturalizations remain on hold

County Clerks 1684 - present

The Westchester County Clerk is the oldest elected office in Westchester County

1684  John Ryder, Cortlandt
1684-1688       Joseph Lee, Yorktown
1688-1691       Edward Collier, Sing Sing
1691-1698       Joseph Lee, Yorktown
1698-1707       Benjamin Collier, Sing Sing
1707-1711       John Clapp, White Plains
1711-1722       Daniel Clark, Peekskill
1722-1746       William Forster, Westchester
1746-1760       Benjamin Nicoll, Scarsdale
1760-1777       John Bartow, Pelham
1777-1802       Richard Hatfield, White Plains
1802-1808       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1808-1810       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1810-1811       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1811-1813       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1813-1815       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1815-1820       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1820-1821       William Requa, Yonkers 
1821-1828       Nehemiah S. Bates, Bedford
1828-1834       Nathaniel Bayles, Tarrytown
1834-1839     John H. Smith, Bedford 
1839-1840       Chauncey Smith, Bedford
1840-1843       Charles Purdy, White Plains
1843-1849      Munson I. Lockwood, Pound Ridge 
1849-1856       Robert R. Oakley, White Plains
1856-1859      John P. Jenkins, White Plains
1859-1867      Hiram P. Rowel, White Plains   
1867 William W. Pierson, Sing Sing 
1868-1877 J. Malcolm Smith, Sing Sing
1877-1883      John M. Rowel, White Plains
1883-1886      James F.D. Crane, Yonkers
1886-1896       John M. Digney, Yonkers
1896-1902      Leverett F. Crumb, Peekskill
1902-1908       Leslie Sutherland, Yonkers
1908-1914       Frank Buck, Mount Vernon
1914-1920      Daniel Cashin, Yonkers
1920-1925       Louis Ellrodt, Mount Vernon
1925-1932       Charles J.F. Decker, Croton Falls
1932-1938       Bernard Koch, Yonkers
1938-1943 Harold Mercer, White Plains
1943-1952       Robert J. Field, Peekskill     
1952-1968       Edward L. Warren, Mount Vernon
1968-1973       Edward N. Vetrano, Tarrytown
1974-1983       George R. Morrow, Jr., Mount Pleasant
1983-1993       Andrew J. Spano, Yorktown
1994-2005       Leonard N. Spano, Yonkers
2006-present   Timothy C. Idoni, New Rochelle


Visiting Our Office?

Enter through the courthouse and proceed to the third floor.

Richard J. Daronco Courthouse
111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
White Plains, NY 10601

9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
By Appointment

Closed on official holidays.

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