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County Clerks 1684-present

The Westchester County Clerk is the oldest elected office in Westchester County

1684  John Ryder, Cortlandt
1684-1688       Joseph Lee, Yorktown
1688-1691       Edward Collier, Sing Sing
1691-1698       Joseph Lee, Yorktown
1698-1707       Benjamin Collier, Sing Sing
1707-1711       John Clapp, White Plains
1711-1722       Daniel Clark, Peekskill
1722-1746       William Forster, Westchester
1746-1760       Benjamin Nicoll, Scarsdale
1760-1777       John Bartow, Pelham
1777-1802       Richard Hatfield, White Plains
1802-1808       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1808-1810       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1810-1811       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1811-1813       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1813-1815       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1815-1820       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1820-1821       William Requa, Yonkers 
1821-1828       Nehemiah S. Bates, Bedford
1828-1834       Nathaniel Bayles, Tarrytown
1834-1839     John H. Smith, Bedford 
1839-1840       Chauncey Smith, Bedford
1840-1843       Charles Purdy, White Plains
1843-1849      Munson I. Lockwood, Pound Ridge 
1849-1856       Robert R. Oakley, White Plains
1856-1859      John P. Jenkins, White Plains
1859-1867      Hiram P. Rowel, White Plains   
1867 William W. Pierson, Sing Sing 
1868-1877 J. Malcolm Smith, Sing Sing
1877-1883      John M. Rowel, White Plains
1883-1886      James F.D. Crane, Yonkers
1886-1896       John M. Digney, Yonkers
1896-1902      Leverett F. Crumb, Peekskill
1902-1908       Leslie Sutherland, Yonkers
1908-1914       Frank Buck, Mount Vernon
1914-1920      Daniel Cashin, Yonkers
1920-1925       Louis Ellrodt, Mount Vernon
1925-1932       Charles J.F. Decker, Croton Falls
1932-1938       Bernard Koch, Yonkers
1938-1943 Harold Mercer, White Plains
1943-1952       Robert J. Field, Peekskill     
1952-1968       Edward L. Warren, Mount Vernon
1968-1973       Edward N. Vetrano, Tarrytown
1974-1983       George R. Morrow, Jr., Mount Pleasant
1983-1993       Andrew J. Spano, Yorktown
1994-2005       Leonard N. Spano, Yonkers
2006-present   Timothy C. Idoni, New Rochelle

Calendar of Events

November 4, 2014

Election Day
Office Closed
Office will reopen, Wednesday, November 5th at 8 a.m.

November 5, 2014

Naturalization Ceremony
2 p.m.
Daronco Courthouse, White Plains

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